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About Crab Game

Crab Game is an engaging First-Person Multiplayer experience that transports players into a competitive arena where they must navigate through a series of minigames inspired by classic children's games. The objective is simple yet thrilling: outplay your opponents in various challenges until only one player remains, crowned as the ultimate victor.

Features of Crab Game

- Multiplayer Competition: Engage in intense multiplayer matches where strategy and quick reflexes are key to survival.

- Diverse Minigames: Experience a variety of minigames based on familiar childhood games, each with its own unique mechanics and challenges.

- First-Person Perspective: Play from a first-person view, enhancing the immersion and intensity of the gameplay.

- Victorious Endgame: The thrill of competition culminates in a showdown where only the most skilled player emerges victorious.

Release Date of Crab Game

29 Oct, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on29 Oct, 2021