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About Critter Crunch

Critter Crunch is a vibrant and engaging puzzle game that revolves around the unique 'Food Chain' mechanic. Players take on the role of a lovable creature named Biggs, who navigates through various levels by feeding smaller critters to larger ones, creating explosive chain reactions. The game is set in a colorful, whimsical world that appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers, offering a delightful blend of strategy and quick-thinking challenges.

Features of Critter Crunch

- Food Chain Mechanic: A unique gameplay element where players feed smaller critters to larger ones, creating chain reactions and scoring points.

- Diverse Levels: A variety of levels that increase in difficulty, each offering new challenges and opportunities for strategic play.

- Multiplayer Modes: Includes Co-op and Versus multiplayer modes, allowing players to enjoy the game with friends and compete against each other.

Release Date of Critter Crunch

11 Sep, 2012

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on11 Sep, 2012
DeveloperCapybara Games
LanguagesEnglish,German,French,Italian,Spanish - Spain