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About Cruelty Squad

Cruelty Squad is a unique blend of genres, offering players an immersive power fantasy experience combined with tactical stealth gameplay. Set in a dystopian, sewage-infested garbage world, the game challenges players to navigate through a series of brutal missions where they must eliminate targets and complete objectives in a highly unforgiving environment. The game's setting and mechanics draw inspiration from classic first-person shooters and stealth titles, but with a dark, gritty twist that sets it apart from traditional offerings in the genre.

Features of Cruelty Squad

- Immersive Power Fantasy: Players are given the tools and abilities to feel like unstoppable agents, capable of taking down any target in their path.

- Tactical Stealth Elements: Success often hinges on careful planning and execution, with players needing to use the environment to their advantage to avoid detection.

- Dystopian Setting: The game's world is a bleak, garbage-filled dystopia, providing a stark and challenging backdrop for the player's missions.

- Brutal Gameplay: Cruelty Squad does not shy away from violence and gore, offering a visceral experience that is both challenging and satisfying.

Release Date of Cruelty Squad

15 Jun, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on15 Jun, 2021
DeveloperConsumer Softproducts