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About Cursed to Golf

Cursed to Golf is an engaging and challenging golf-like adventure game that thrusts players into the mystical realm of Golf Purgatory. The objective is clear yet daunting: navigate through this surreal landscape to escape and ascend to the status of a Golfing Legend. This game combines the precision of golf with the excitement of adventure, offering a unique blend of gameplay that demands both skill and strategy.

Features of Cursed to Golf

- Challenging Gameplay: Each shot in Cursed to Golf is crucial, requiring players to carefully consider their strategy to overcome the various obstacles and hazards.

- Unique Power-Ups: The game introduces otherworldly power-ups that add a layer of fantasy to the traditional golf mechanics, enhancing gameplay with magical elements.

- High Replayability: With its diverse challenges and the allure of becoming a Golfing Legend, Cursed to Golf offers substantial replay value, encouraging players to refine their skills and attempt new strategies.

Release Date of Cursed to Golf

18 Aug, 2022

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on18 Aug, 2022
DeveloperChuhai Labs
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