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About DC Universe™ Online

DC Universe™ Online is an immersive, free-to-play, massive multiplayer online action game that plunges players into the iconic DC Universe. Here, players can create and develop their own unique hero or villain, each equipped with distinctive powers and abilities. The game allows for dynamic interactions with iconic DC characters like Batman, Superman, Lex Luthor, and The Joker, offering a rich and engaging experience for fans of the comic book universe.

Features of DC Universe™ Online

- Dynamic Character Creation: Players can design their own hero or villain with a variety of powers and appearances, ensuring a unique gameplay experience.

- Iconic DC Characters: Engage with legendary DC characters in battles and missions, enhancing the authenticity and appeal of the game.

- Free-to-Play Model: Accessible to all players without initial cost, with additional content available through in-game purchases.

- Massive Multiplayer Online: Collaborate or compete with thousands of other players in a shared online environment, fostering a vibrant community.

Release Date of DC Universe™ Online

2 Nov, 2011

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on2 Nov, 2011
DeveloperDimensional Ink Games