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About Dead by Daylight - Dungeons & Dragons

Dead by Daylight - Dungeons & Dragons is a thrilling crossover DLC for the popular asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, Dead by Daylight. This expansion brings the rich lore and iconic characters from the Dungeons & Dragons universe into the deadly arena of Dead by Daylight, where survivors must outsmart and outmaneuver the deadly traps and monsters inspired by D&D classics. Players can expect a fresh twist on the survival horror gameplay, blending the strategic depth of tabletop RPGs with the intense, real-time action of Dead by Daylight.

Features of Dead by Daylight - Dungeons & Dragons

- Iconic Characters: Introduces beloved Dungeons & Dragons characters as playable survivors and killers, each with unique abilities and backstories.

- Fantasy-Themed Maps: Features new game maps inspired by classic D&D settings, complete with magical traps and mystical environments.

- Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics: Incorporates new gameplay elements such as spells, magical items, and mythical creatures that add a layer of strategy and unpredictability to matches.

- Cross-Over Lore: Deepens the narrative of Dead by Daylight with new storylines and interactions that blend the worlds of horror and fantasy seamlessly.

Release Date of Dead by Daylight - Dungeons & Dragons

3 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on3 Jun, 2024
DeveloperBehaviour Interactive Inc.
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