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About Death Must Die

Death Must Die is an exhilarating roguelite hack and slash game where players venture into the netherworld to confront Death. The game offers a variety of God-given powers to combat Death's minions, with the ability to unlock new heroes, collect powerful items, and form synergies that can dramatically alter gameplay dynamics.

Features of Death Must Die

- God-given Powers: Utilize divine abilities to strategically defeat enemies and progress through the nether.

- Hero Unlocking: Introduce new characters with unique skills and attributes to keep the gameplay fresh and challenging.

- Item Collection: Gather a variety of items that enhance abilities or introduce new gameplay mechanics.

- Game-breaking Synergies: Combine items and powers to create powerful combinations that can shift the balance of gameplay in your favor.

Release Date of Death Must Die

14 Nov, 2023

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on14 Nov, 2023
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