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About Deep Rock Galactic - MegaCorp Pack

Deep Rock Galactic - MegaCorp Pack is an expansion for the popular cooperative sci-fi shooter game, Deep Rock Galactic. Developed by Ghost Ship Games, this pack adds a new corporate-themed environment called the 'MegaCorp' facility, where players continue their missions as space dwarves for the intergalactic mining corporation, Deep Rock Galactic. The pack enhances the gameplay experience with new challenges, rewards, and cosmetic options, enriching the core game's content.

Features of Deep Rock Galactic - MegaCorp Pack

- New Missions: Introduces fresh mission types and objectives set within the MegaCorp facility, offering players new tactical scenarios and challenges.

- Corporate Environment: Features a unique setting that contrasts the usual alien environments, with high-tech corporate spaces and industrial elements.

- Cosmetic Enhancements: Provides a variety of new cosmetic items, including outfits and weapon skins, tailored to the corporate theme, allowing players to customize their characters' appearances.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Includes new gameplay mechanics and enemy types that adapt to the corporate setting, maintaining the game's balance and excitement.

Release Date of Deep Rock Galactic - MegaCorp Pack

13 May, 2020

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on13 May, 2020
DeveloperGhost Ship Games
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