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About Destroy All Humans!

Destroy All Humans! is a faithful remake of the cult-classic alien invasion action-adventure game. Players assume the role of Crypto-137, an evil alien tasked with terrorizing the people of 1950s Earth. The game's core objectives involve harvesting human DNA and attempting to overthrow the US government. With a variety of alien weaponry and psychic abilities at their disposal, players can annihilate humans in creative and destructive ways.

Features of Destroy All Humans!

- Alien Invasion Theme: Engage in a classic alien invasion scenario set in the 1950s, complete with retro-futuristic aesthetics and cultural references.

- Diverse Weaponry: Utilize an assortment of alien weapons and gadgets, each with unique functionalities designed to terrorize and dominate the human population.

- Psychic Abilities: Employ powerful psychic abilities to manipulate and destroy enemies, adding a strategic layer to combat and exploration.

- Humorous Satire: The game incorporates satirical elements that critique and parody 1950s American society and government, providing a humorous and engaging narrative backdrop.

Release Date of Destroy All Humans!

28 Jul, 2020

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on28 Jul, 2020
DeveloperBlack Forest Games
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