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DOA6 Gust Mashup - Kasumi & Ion For PC

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About DOA6 Gust Mashup - Kasumi & Ion

DOA6 Gust Mashup - Kasumi & Ion is a downloadable content pack for the popular fighting game DEAD OR ALIVE 6. This mashup introduces characters and themes from the Gust series, specifically featuring Kasumi and Ion in new, unique outfits and possibly new moves or interactions. The base game, DEAD OR ALIVE 6, is known for its high-quality graphics, realistic physics, and deep fighting mechanics, making this mashup an exciting addition for fans of both the DEAD OR ALIVE and Gust franchises.

Features of DOA6 Gust Mashup - Kasumi & Ion

- Unique Outfits: Kasumi and Ion are dressed in attire inspired by the Gust series, offering a fresh look and feel to these popular characters.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Potentially includes new moves or interactions that blend the styles of DEAD OR ALIVE and Gust, enhancing the gameplay experience.

- Collector's Item: For fans of both series, this mashup serves as a must-have collector's item, adding depth to the character roster and thematic elements.

Release Date of DOA6 Gust Mashup - Kasumi & Ion

24 Feb, 2020

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on24 Feb, 2020
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