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About DOA6 "Nova" Sci-Fi Body Suit - Kasumi

DOA6 'Nova' Sci-Fi Body Suit - Kasumi is a downloadable content (DLC) for the popular fighting game DEAD OR ALIVE 6. This DLC introduces a new, futuristic body suit for the character Kasumi, adding a sci-fi twist to her traditional appearance. The game, developed by Team Ninja, is known for its high-quality graphics and deep combat mechanics, and this DLC continues to enhance the visual appeal and customization options available to players.

Features of DOA6 "Nova" Sci-Fi Body Suit - Kasumi

- Futuristic Design: The 'Nova' Sci-Fi Body Suit features a sleek, high-tech look that contrasts with Kasumi's usual attire, offering a fresh visual experience.

- Enhanced Customization: Players can now customize Kasumi with this new outfit, adding variety to character selection and gameplay.

- High-Quality Graphics: Maintaining the game's standard for detailed and realistic character models, the 'Nova' suit is rendered with impressive attention to detail.

Release Date of DOA6 "Nova" Sci-Fi Body Suit - Kasumi

20 Jan, 2020

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on20 Jan, 2020
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