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About Dome Keeper

Dome Keeper is an innovative roguelike survival game that combines mining and defense mechanics. Players must dig for resources while defending their dome from relentless waves of alien attackers. The game challenges players to manage their time effectively, deciding when to mine deeper for valuable resources and when to return to defend their base from incoming threats.

Features of Dome Keeper

- Roguelike Survival: Experience a game where each playthrough is unique, with procedurally generated levels and permadeath.

- Resource Mining: Dig deep into the earth to gather essential resources that can be used for upgrades and defenses.

- Dynamic Defense: Strategically position defenses and manage your time to fend off increasingly difficult waves of alien monsters.

- Upgrade Paths: Choose from various upgrade paths to customize your gameplay strategy and enhance your chances of survival.

Release Date of Dome Keeper

27 Sep, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on27 Sep, 2022
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