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About Dread X Collection 2

Dread X Collection 2 is a unique anthology of horror games, each crafted within a tight 10-day development window. This collection offers players a chance to delve into a series of chilling narratives, all interconnected through a mysterious meta-narrative that unfolds as players explore and uncover hidden tapes. The games are set in a world of darkness, promising to reveal secrets that lie just beneath the surface, providing a rich and unexpected horror experience.

Features of Dread X Collection 2

- Diverse Horror Experiences: Each of the 12 games offers a distinct horror theme and gameplay style, ensuring variety and replayability.

- Tight Development Timeline: Created in just 10 days, these games showcase the creativity and efficiency of their developers.

- Interconnected Meta-Narrative: The hidden tapes and a broader meta-storyline tie the games together, enhancing the overall narrative depth.

- Atmospheric Horror: Set in a world of darkness, each game delivers a strong atmosphere that enhances the horror elements.

- Mystery and Discovery: Players are encouraged to explore and find hidden elements to unlock deeper mysteries within the collection.

Release Date of Dread X Collection 2

21 Aug, 2020

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on21 Aug, 2020