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About Dread X Collection 3

Dread X Collection 3 is a horror anthology series that offers a unique blend of fear and fascination. This installment introduces 12 new, exclusive games that delve into the eerie and the whimsical, set within a mysterious, ever-changing castle. Players will navigate through a world where the distinction between cute and creepy is increasingly blurred, all while uncovering the latest chapter in the Dread X Collection's ongoing narrative.

Features of Dread X Collection 3

- Exclusive Spoopy Games: Features 12 new games crafted specifically for this anthology, each offering a distinct horror experience.

- Dynamic Castle Environment: The setting is a mysterious castle that alters and adapts as players progress, enhancing the immersive horror experience.

- Blurring Aesthetic Boundaries: Combines cute and creepy elements to create a unique, unsettling atmosphere that challenges traditional horror aesthetics.

- Continuing Storyline: Continues the narrative arc from previous Dread X Collections, providing a deeper context and continuity for fans of the series.

Release Date of Dread X Collection 3

23 Oct, 2020

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on23 Oct, 2020