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About Dread X Collection 5

Dread X Collection 5 is an anthology of horror games that brings together a diverse mix of 12 new titles crafted by both emerging talents and seasoned developers. Set within the eerie confines of an old, dilapidated party venue, this collection promises to deliver a spine-chilling experience where each game explores unique horror themes and narratives, potentially uncovering more than what meets the eye in this mysterious setting.

Features of Dread X Collection 5

- Diverse Game Selection: Offers a variety of 12 unique horror games, each with its own distinct style and story.

- Talent Showcase: Features contributions from both up-and-coming and established game developers in the horror genre.

- Mysterious Setting: The games are set in an old, run-down party venue that may harbor hidden secrets and deeper horrors.

Release Date of Dread X Collection 5

20 May, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on20 May, 2022
DeveloperChristopher Yabsley