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About DreadOut

DreadOut is a chilling entry in the supernatural horror genre, placing players in the shoes of Linda, a high school student who finds herself inexplicably trapped in a decrepit, abandoned town. The game leverages a unique mechanic where Linda uses her smartphone as a tool to confront and combat ghostly entities. The narrative unfolds through a series of eerie encounters and intricate puzzles, all of which contribute to the suspense and the ultimate determination of Linda's fate.

Features of DreadOut

- Third-Person Perspective: Offers a dynamic and immersive view of the haunted environment, enhancing the horror experience.

- Smartphone as a Tool: Unique gameplay mechanic where the smartphone is used to detect and interact with supernatural elements, adding a modern twist to traditional horror game tools.

- Terrifying Encounters: Engages players with a series of spine-chilling confrontations with ghostly entities, designed to evoke fear and suspense.

- Mystery Puzzles: Complex puzzles that require strategic thinking and exploration, deepening the gameplay and narrative involvement.

- Supernatural Horror Theme: Delivers a haunting atmosphere with a focus on supernatural elements, setting it apart from conventional horror games.

Release Date of DreadOut

15 May, 2014

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on15 May, 2014
DeveloperDigital Happiness
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