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About Drug Dealer Simulator

Drug Dealer Simulator is a gritty and immersive simulation game that thrusts players into the role of a drug dealer. The game combines elements of strategy, management, and action as players navigate the dangerous world of illicit drug trade. Starting from a humble basement, players must expand their operations, manage resources, and avoid law enforcement to become the ultimate drug lord.

Features of Drug Dealer Simulator

- Dynamic Market Simulation: Engage in a realistic drug market where prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, forcing players to strategize their purchases and sales.

- Upgradable Operations: Invest in better equipment and facilities to increase production and efficiency, from growing rooms to advanced labs.

- Law Enforcement Evasion: Stay one step ahead of the police by managing risk and using stealth tactics to avoid raids and maintain your operation's secrecy.

- Diverse Drug Portfolio: Deal with a variety of drugs, each with unique properties and market dynamics, allowing for diverse business strategies.

- Realistic Consequences: Face the harsh realities of the drug trade, including the potential for violence, addiction, and legal repercussions.

Release Date of Drug Dealer Simulator

16 Apr, 2020

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on16 Apr, 2020
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