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About DynDNS Updater

DynDNS Updater is a lightweight and efficient application designed to keep hostnames in DynDNS' free and paid DNS services up-to-date with your current IP address. This enables users to run web or email services at home, even on a dynamic IP address, ensuring seamless connectivity and access to their online resources.

Key Feature

1: Automatic IP Address Updates
DynDNS Updater automatically detects changes in your IP address and updates your DynDNS hostname accordingly. This ensures that your hostname always points to your current IP address, allowing for uninterrupted access to your web or email services.

2: Compatibility with Free and Paid DNS Services
The application is compatible with both free and paid DNS services offered by DynDNS. This flexibility allows users to choose the service that best suits their needs and budget, while still benefiting from the convenience and reliability of the DynDNS Updater.

3: Lightweight and Efficient Design
DynDNS Updater is designed to be lightweight and efficient, consuming minimal system resources and running unobtrusively in the background. This ensures that the application does not interfere with other processes on your computer, allowing you to continue using your system without any performance impact.

4: Easy Setup and Configuration
The DynDNS Updater is easy to set up and configure, with a user-friendly interface that guides you through the process of entering your DynDNS account details and selecting your desired hostname. Once configured, the application runs automatically in the background, ensuring that your hostname remains up-to-date without any further input from you.

5: Reliable and Secure Connectivity
By keeping your hostname up-to-date with your current IP address, DynDNS Updater ensures that you can maintain reliable and secure connectivity to your web or email services. This is particularly beneficial for users with dynamic IP addresses, as it eliminates the need for manual updates and prevents potential downtime or access issues.

In conclusion, DynDNS Updater is a practical and efficient solution for keeping hostnames in DynDNS' free and paid DNS services up-to-date with your current IP address. With its automatic IP address updates, compatibility with various DNS services, lightweight design, easy setup and configuration, and reliable and secure connectivity, DynDNS Updater is an invaluable tool for users running web or email services at home on a dynamic IP address.

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Updated onNovember 27, 2011
DeveloperDynamic Network Services
Operating systemWindows 95, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows XP, Windows NT

Old Versions

DynDNS Updater4.1.10
November 27, 2011
exe32 bit
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DynDNS Updater for PC
Keep hostnames in DynDNS services up-to-date.
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How to download and Install DynDNS Updater on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading DynDNS Updater for Windows.
  • Open the .exe installation file in the Downloads folder and double click it.
  • Follow the instructions in the pop-up window to install DynDNS Updater on Windows PC.
  • Now you can open and run DynDNS Updater on Windows PC.