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About E.E.R.I.E2

E.E.R.I.E 2 is a tactical shooting game that transports players to the modernized realm of Gensokyo. In this immersive setting, players take on the role of fairy Luna, a character equipped with a diverse arsenal of modern light weapons and tactical gear. The game thrusts players into a high-stakes conflict that will ultimately decide the fate of Gensokyo, blending strategic gameplay with intense combat scenarios.

Features of E.E.R.I.E2

- Modern Gensokyo Setting: Experience a reimagined Gensokyo with contemporary elements and environments, providing a fresh backdrop for tactical engagements.

- Diverse Arsenal: Utilize a wide range of modern light weapons and tactical equipment, each with unique attributes that cater to various combat strategies.

- Strategic Gameplay: Engage in tactical shooting where careful planning and execution are key to surviving and succeeding in the war that will shape Gensokyo's future.

Release Date of E.E.R.I.E2

16 Jun, 2024

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on16 Jun, 2024
LanguagesEnglish,Simplified Chinese