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About Easy Red 2: Normandy

Easy Red 2: Normandy is a tactical first-person shooter set in the historical context of World War II, specifically focusing on the Normandy landings and subsequent operations. As an expansion to the base game Easy Red 2, this DLC offers players a deeper immersion into the gritty and intense battles of the era, providing a realistic simulation of military engagements with a strong emphasis on historical accuracy and tactical gameplay.

Features of Easy Red 2: Normandy

- Historical Accuracy: Engage in battles that are meticulously researched and recreated to reflect the challenges and strategies of the actual Normandy campaign.

- Enhanced Tactical Gameplay: Utilize real military tactics and equipment as you command squads and manage resources in dynamic battlefield scenarios.

- Expanded Content: Access new missions, weapons, and vehicles that expand upon the base game, offering a fresh experience for both new and returning players.

Release Date of Easy Red 2: Normandy

6 Jun, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on6 Jun, 2023
DeveloperMarco Amadei
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