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About Easy Red 2: Stalingrad

Easy Red 2: Stalingrad is a tactical WWII first-person shooter expansion pack that focuses on the brutal and intense battles of the Stalingrad campaign. As an expansion to the base game Easy Red 2, it offers players a deeper dive into historical warfare, providing new missions, environments, and challenges that reflect the harsh realities of the Eastern Front during World War II.

Features of Easy Red 2: Stalingrad

- Historical Accuracy: Features meticulously researched environments and scenarios that accurately depict the conditions and battles of Stalingrad.

- Enhanced Tactical Gameplay: Introduces new tactical elements and gameplay mechanics that require strategic thinking and coordinated team efforts to survive and succeed.

- Expanded Content: Offers additional missions, weapons, and character models that enrich the overall experience of playing in the Eastern Front theater of WWII.

- Immersive Atmosphere: Utilizes detailed graphics and sound design to create an immersive and authentic atmosphere that captures the grim essence of the Stalingrad campaign.

Release Date of Easy Red 2: Stalingrad

9 Sep, 2022

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on9 Sep, 2022
DeveloperMarco Amadei
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