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About EVERSPACE™ 2 - Supporter Pack

EVERSPACE™ 2 - Supporter Pack is an expansion content pack designed for the base game EVERSPACE™ 2, a single-player, open-world space shooter available on Steam. This pack is aimed at enhancing the player's experience by providing additional content that complements the core gameplay, including new ships, skins, and other exclusive items. It serves as a way for supporters to contribute to the game's development while gaining access to unique in-game rewards.

Features of EVERSPACE™ 2 - Supporter Pack

- Exclusive Ships: Adds new, unique spacecraft designs to the game, offering players more variety and customization options.

- Special Skins: Introduces a range of cosmetic skins for ships and equipment, allowing players to personalize their in-game appearance.

- Developer Support: By purchasing the Supporter Pack, players directly support the ongoing development of EVERSPACE™ 2, contributing to future updates and expansions.

Release Date of EVERSPACE™ 2 - Supporter Pack

29 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on29 Apr, 2024
DeveloperROCKFISH Games
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