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About Fallout 4 - Automatron

Fallout 4 - Automatron is an expansion pack for the critically acclaimed open-world RPG, Fallout 4. Set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the Commonwealth, this DLC introduces a new storyline where players must confront the mysterious Mechanist and his army of deadly robots. The expansion builds on the rich narrative and gameplay mechanics of Fallout 4, offering fans a fresh experience with new challenges and customization options.

Features of Fallout 4 - Automatron

- New Storyline: Engage with a compelling narrative that pits you against the Mechanist and his robot horde, offering hours of new content.

- Robot Customization: Create and customize your own robot companions with a variety of parts and weapons, tailoring them to your playstyle.

- Dynamic Encounters: Encounter and dismantle waves of hostile robots, each with unique behaviors and combat styles.

- Expanded Crafting: Access new crafting options to build and modify your robot army, enhancing your strategic capabilities in the wasteland.

Release Date of Fallout 4 - Automatron

21 Mar, 2016

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on21 Mar, 2016
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
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