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About Fallout 4 Far Harbor

Fallout 4: Far Harbor is an expansive DLC for the critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 4. Set in the foggy, mysterious island of Far Harbor, this expansion delves into themes of science, morality, and the consequences of advanced technology. Players are tasked with uncovering the truth behind a deadly conflict between a synths-research facility, a clan of irradiated mutants, and the local townsfolk. The DLC offers a new, larger map compared to previous Fallout 4 expansions, promising a fresh adventure filled with new quests, settlements, and deadly creatures.

Features of Fallout 4 Far Harbor

- Expansive New Map: Far Harbor introduces a significantly larger map than any previous Fallout 4 DLC, featuring diverse environments from dense forests to eerie fog-covered coasts.

- Deep Storyline: Engage with a complex narrative that explores themes of genetic manipulation and societal division, offering multiple endings based on player choices.

- New Factions and Characters: Interact with a variety of new characters and factions, each with their own unique motivations and roles in the conflict.

- Enhanced Creatures: Encounter new, more challenging creatures affected by the high levels of radiation, requiring strategic combat and resource management.

- Customization Options: Expand your arsenal with new weapons, armor, and settlements items, allowing for greater personalization of your character and base.

Release Date of Fallout 4 Far Harbor

18 May, 2016

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on18 May, 2016
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
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