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About Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues

Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues is an expansion pack for the critically acclaimed RPG, Fallout: New Vegas. Set in the post-apocalyptic Mojave Desert, this DLC delves into a mysterious scientific facility known as the Big Mountain Research and Development Center. Players are drawn into a bizarre narrative where they uncover secrets about their own existence and confront the deranged scientists who have turned them into experiments. The expansion continues the series' tradition of blending dark humor, deep storytelling, and complex moral choices.

Features of Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues

- Unique Storyline: Embark on a quirky adventure that explores themes of identity and scientific ethics, offering a fresh narrative experience within the Fallout universe.

- New Weapons and Armor: Gain access to advanced technology and bizarre creations, including sonic weapons and mind-control devices, enhancing combat and strategy options.

- Expanded Character Customization: With new implants and modifications, players can alter their character's abilities and appearance, offering a deeper level of personalization.

- Immersive Environment: Explore the eerie and expansive Big Mountain facility, filled with scientific anomalies and hidden dangers, providing a rich backdrop for exploration and discovery.

Release Date of Fallout New Vegas: Old World Blues

18 Jul, 2011

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on18 Jul, 2011
DeveloperObsidian Entertainment
LanguagesEnglish,French,German,Italian,Spanish - Spain