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About Forgive Me Father

Forgive Me Father is a first-person shooter that delves into the realms of dark retro horror, drawing heavily from the cosmic and psychological themes of H.P. Lovecraft's novels. Set in a visually striking comic book style world, players assume the role of the sole individual with intact senses, embarking on a harrowing quest for answers and solace amidst a backdrop of madness and terror.

Features of Forgive Me Father

- Lovecraftian Horror: Immerses players in a chilling narrative inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft, blending cosmic horror with psychological dread.

- Retro Aesthetic: Embraces a retro-inspired visual style that pays homage to classic FPS games, enhancing the nostalgic feel of the gameplay.

- Comic Book Artistry: The game's world is rendered in a vibrant comic book style, providing a unique and visually engaging backdrop to the horror elements.

- Intense FPS Mechanics: Features fast-paced first-person shooter gameplay, challenging players to survive against a myriad of nightmarish creatures.

- Quest for Relief: Driven by a compelling storyline, players must navigate through a series of trials to uncover the truth and find a semblance of peace in a world gone mad.

Release Date of Forgive Me Father

7 Apr, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas P. Larson


Updated on7 Apr, 2022
DeveloperByte Barrel
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