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About Forts - High Seas

Forts - High Seas is an expansion pack for the base game Forts, a real-time strategy shooter where players design and build customized forts and arm them with weapons. The High Seas expansion introduces a maritime theme, allowing players to engage in naval warfare, explore new maps set on the ocean, and utilize water-based mechanics to enhance their strategic gameplay.

Features of Forts - High Seas

- Naval Warfare: Engage in battles on the open sea, utilizing ships and water-based strategies.

- New Maps: Explore a variety of oceanic maps, each with unique environmental challenges and opportunities.

- Water-Based Mechanics: Incorporate water elements into your fort designs, such as submerged structures and floating platforms.

- Enhanced Strategy: Adapt your tactics to account for the dynamic nature of sea battles, including tides and weather conditions.

Release Date of Forts - High Seas

25 Mar, 2022

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on25 Mar, 2022
DeveloperEarthWork Games
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