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About Forts - Moonshot

Forts - Moonshot is an expansion pack for the base game Forts, a real-time strategy shooter where players design and build custom bases, arm them to the teeth, and destroy the enemy's fortress. Moonshot introduces new gameplay elements and challenges by taking the action to the moon, offering a unique environment with low gravity and new tactical considerations.

Features of Forts - Moonshot

- Low Gravity Environment: Navigate and strategize in a unique lunar setting where gravity is significantly reduced, affecting movement and projectile trajectories.

- New Weapons and Tech: Utilize advanced lunar-specific technology and weapons that take advantage of the moon's conditions, providing new ways to outmaneuver and outgun opponents.

- Enhanced Customization: Expand your base-building options with new lunar modules and defenses, allowing for more creative and effective base layouts.

- Strategic Depth: Adapt your tactics to the moon's terrain and conditions, requiring new approaches to base defense and offense.

Release Date of Forts - Moonshot

18 Jun, 2019

Reviewed by Eddie C. Reardon


Updated on18 Jun, 2019
DeveloperEarthWork Games
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