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About Fossilfuel: Raptor Isolation

Fossilfuel: Raptor Isolation is an expansion pack for the base game Fossilfuel on Steam, focusing on a thrilling new scenario where players must navigate through a world overrun by raptors. This expansion introduces a new layer of challenge and excitement, building on the survival and exploration mechanics of the original game. Players will need to utilize their skills in stealth and strategy to survive encounters with these fierce predators.

Features of Fossilfuel: Raptor Isolation

- Enhanced Survival Mechanics: Players must adapt to new survival challenges posed by the raptor infestation, including finding safe havens and managing resources more carefully.

- New Stealth Elements: Incorporating advanced stealth mechanics to avoid detection by raptors, adding a strategic layer to gameplay.

- Expanded Storyline: A new narrative thread that intertwines with the base game's story, providing deeper insights into the world of Fossilfuel.

- Improved Graphics and Sound: Enhanced visual and auditory elements that heighten the immersive experience, making the raptor encounters more realistic and intense.

Release Date of Fossilfuel: Raptor Isolation

28 Oct, 2021

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on28 Oct, 2021
DeveloperDangerousBob Studio LLC