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About Fragmental

Fragmental is a high-octane, couch-play multiplayer twin-stick shooter that offers both competitive and cooperative gameplay modes. Set in a single-screen arena, the game delivers explosive arcade action with a focus on fast-paced, frantic combat. Players must navigate deadly weaponry and treacherous arenas while engaging in fierce rivalries with other players.

Features of Fragmental

- Fast-Paced Gameplay: Engage in some of the quickest and most intense battles in the genre, requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking.

- Single-Screen Arena: Experience the chaos of a confined battlefield, where every move can lead to victory or defeat.

- Deadly Weapons and Arenas: Navigate through a variety of lethal weapons and hazardous environments, each adding unique challenges to the gameplay.

- Competitive and Cooperative Modes: Choose between fierce competition or teaming up with friends to take on the challenges together.

- Explosive Arcade Fun: Enjoy the thrill of explosive action and the satisfaction of outmaneuvering opponents in a high-energy arcade setting.

Release Date of Fragmental

20 Dec, 2017

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on20 Dec, 2017
DeveloperRuffian Games