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About Fraymakers

Fraymakers is an innovative platform fighting game that brings together a diverse roster of indie gaming icons. This game allows players to engage in dynamic battles with up to four participants, utilizing strategic assists to gain an edge in combat. Beyond its competitive gameplay, Fraymakers offers a robust creation suite that empowers players to design and share custom characters, stages, and game modes, ensuring a virtually endless supply of entertainment and replayability.

Features of Fraymakers

- Diverse Indie Cast: Features characters from some of indie gaming's most beloved titles, offering a unique and eclectic fighting experience.

- Multiplayer Mode: Supports up to 4 players in a single match, enhancing the social and competitive aspects of the game.

- Assist System: Allows players to call in assists during fights, adding depth and strategy to combat scenarios.

- Customization Suite: Enables players to create and play with custom characters, stages, and game modes, fostering a creative and dynamic community.

- Infinite Fun: With its extensive customization options and replayability, Fraymakers promises endless hours of entertainment.

Release Date of Fraymakers

18 Jan, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on18 Jan, 2023
DeveloperTeam Fray