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About Free Internet Eraser

Free Internet Eraser is an effective and user-friendly software tool designed to remove most of your tracks and traces from your computer and the internet. It efficiently eliminates temporary files, recently used documents, Open/Save history, Internet Explorer cache, and lists of visited sites and typed URLs. While some features are only available in the paid version, the program still offers sufficient capabilities for most active surfers. Here are the key features of Free Internet Eraser:

Key Feature

1. Quick and Thorough Traces Cleanup
With Free Internet Eraser, you can swiftly remove traces and records that you have left behind on your Windows system and from internet activities. The program targets temporary files, recent document lists, Open/Save history, Internet Explorer cache, visited site lists, and typed URLs. This thorough cleanup helps protect your privacy and prevents others from accessing your sensitive information.

2. Automatic Cleanup at Regular Intervals
Free Internet Eraser offers the convenience of automatic cleanup at regular intervals. You can set the program to perform cleanup operations on startup, shutdown, or based on a timer. This feature ensures that your tracks are regularly cleared without manual intervention, enabling you to maintain your privacy effortlessly.

3. Additional Plug-ins for Traces Cleanup
While the trial version includes the essential cleanup features, the paid version of Free Internet Eraser offers additional plug-ins for cleaning up traces left by other applications like ICQ and MSN Messenger. These plug-ins expand the cleaning capabilities of the program, allowing you to remove traces from a wider range of applications.

4. Advanced Features for Permanent Deletion
For users with heightened privacy concerns, Free Internet Eraser offers advanced features for permanent deletion. These features involve scrambling filenames or overwriting data with random numbers to ensure that traces are not recoverable. While these advanced features are only available in the upgraded version, they provide an added layer of security for those who require it.

Free Internet Eraser is an efficient and easy-to-use tool for cleaning up tracks and traces from your computer and internet activities. Its quick and thorough cleanup, automatic cleanup options, additional plug-ins for traces cleanup, and advanced features for permanent deletion (in the paid version) make it a reliable solution for maintaining privacy and security.

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Updated onAugust 27, 2013
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How to download and Install Free Internet Eraser on Windows PC

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