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About Free Picture Resizer

Free Picture Resizer is a versatile and user-friendly image editing software that offers basic image manipulation features such as resizing, rotating, and flipping photos, along with filters and color corrections. The software comes free of charge and boasts batch file processing and an intuitive interface.

Key Feature

1: Filters and Image Adjustments
Free Picture Resizer provides users with a range of filters and allows for custom contrast, hue, saturation, and luminance levels adjustments. Among the available filters, the blur effect stands out as particularly impressive, adding a professional touch to your photos.

2: Batch Manipulations
The software's advanced batch converter feature enables users to perform actions such as renaming and resizing photos, changing image formats, setting rotation, modifying color gamut, and adding filters. The four-step wizard simplifies the process, making batch conversions quick and easy.

3: Fast Performance
In tests, Free Picture Resizer consistently demonstrated snappy and responsive performance. The batch converter also performed well, taking only 15 seconds to rename, resize, rotate, and blur 11 photos, saving users time and effort.

4: Intuitive Interface
Although the interface may appear dated and uninspired, it remains functional and intuitive, allowing users to easily navigate the software and access the tools they need for their image editing tasks.

5: Ideal for Basic Adjustments
Free Picture Resizer is perfect for making small adjustments to individual or groups of photos. While it may not be suitable for complex photo manipulations or those seeking a wide range of filters, it serves as an excellent choice for users who require basic image editing capabilities.

In conclusion, Free Picture Resizer is a reliable and user-friendly image editing software that offers essential features such as resizing, rotating, flipping, filters, and color corrections. With its fast performance, batch manipulation capabilities, and intuitive interface, Free Picture Resizer is an excellent choice for users looking for a straightforward solution for their image editing needs.

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Updated onJuly 7, 2016
DeveloperFree Picture Resizer
Operating systemWindows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP