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About Garfield Lasagna Party

Garfield Lasagna Party is a delightful and engaging game that brings the beloved characters from the Garfield comic strip into a fun-filled adventure. Players can explore various iconic settings like Garfield's house, the pizzeria, and Liz’s veterinary clinic, while participating in a series of 32 mini-games. The game's premise revolves around Garfield and his friends, including Odie, Arlene, and Nermal, who embark on a challenge to partake in a gigantic lasagna party. This game is perfect for fans of the comic and those looking for a light-hearted, interactive experience.

Features of Garfield Lasagna Party

- Diverse Mini-Games: Engage in 32 unique mini-games that test various skills and offer a variety of gameplay experiences.

- Iconic Environments: Explore emblematic locations from the Garfield universe, each beautifully rendered and filled with details that fans will appreciate.

- Charming Characters: Play as Garfield, Odie, Arlene, and Nermal, each with their own unique abilities and quirks that add depth to the gameplay.

- Party Theme: The central theme of a lasagna party adds a fun and festive atmosphere, making the game enjoyable for all ages.

Release Date of Garfield Lasagna Party

10 Nov, 2022

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on10 Nov, 2022
DeveloperBalio Studio
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