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About Gbridge

Gbridge is a versatile tool that enables secure remote access, file sharing, folder synchronization, and remote backup through a Google-based VPN, even behind NAT. With its unique features and user-friendly interface, Gbridge is an essential solution for managing multiple PCs, collaborating with friends, and exchanging large media files privately. Here are the key features that make Gbridge stand out:

Key Feature

1. Built-in VNC for Remote Access and Collaboration
Gbridge's built-in VNC allows you to remotely access your PC desktop or invite friends to view your desktop for collaboration purposes. This feature simplifies remote access and makes it easy to work together with others, no matter where they are located.

2. Secure File Sharing and Folder Synchronization
With Gbridge, you can easily create a shared folder by dragging and dropping it, and then select which friends can access it. Users can remotely browse the folder, view auto-generated photo thumbnails and slideshows, and play MP3 files online. Gbridge also enables folder synchronization among your own PCs, ensuring that your files are always up to date.

3. Easy Local and Remote Backup
Setting up a recurring local or remote backup of important folders is simple with Gbridge. This feature ensures that your crucial data is always protected and available when you need it.

4. VPN for Multiple PCs and Extended Networks
Gbridge runs on top of a VPN that automatically forms among your multiple PCs, regardless of their location. You can even extend the VPN to include your Gtalk friends' PCs if both parties allow it, giving you full control over available resources and maintaining maximum privacy.

5. Simple Installation and Compatibility with Google Apps
Gbridge is easy to install and supports Google Apps accounts, making it a seamless addition to your existing tools and services. Its simplicity and compatibility ensure that users can quickly start enjoying the benefits of secure remote access and collaboration.

In conclusion, Gbridge is a powerful and user-friendly solution for secure remote access, file sharing, folder synchronization, and remote backup via a Google-based VPN. With its built-in VNC, secure file sharing, easy backup, VPN for multiple PCs, and compatibility with Google Apps, Gbridge is an invaluable tool for managing multiple PCs, collaborating with friends, and securely exchanging large media files.

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Gbridge for PC
Share files, synchronize folders, and do remote desktop (VNC) securely via Google based VPN.
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