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About Generation Zero® - Alpine Unrest

Generation Zero® - Alpine Unrest is an expansion pack for the base game Generation Zero®, a first-person shooter set in an alternate 1980s Sweden where players must survive against hostile machines. The Alpine Unrest expansion introduces new challenges and environments, focusing on the mountainous regions of the game's world. Players will encounter new enemies, explore new areas, and uncover additional story elements that deepen the lore of Generation Zero®.

Features of Generation Zero® - Alpine Unrest

- New Environments: Explore the rugged and picturesque Alpine regions, offering a fresh set of challenges and landscapes.

- Enhanced Storytelling: Delve deeper into the narrative with new story missions that reveal more about the origins of the mechanical invaders.

- Additional Enemies: Face off against new types of machines designed to test your combat skills and resourcefulness.

- Revamped Gameplay Mechanics: Experience gameplay enhancements that improve upon the base game's mechanics, providing a smoother and more engaging experience.

Release Date of Generation Zero® - Alpine Unrest

26 Nov, 2019

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on26 Nov, 2019
DeveloperSystemic Reaction™
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