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About Graze Counter

Graze Counter is an adrenaline-pumping shoot-em-up game that challenges players to navigate through a barrage of enemy bullets. The game demands a high level of skill and nerve, as players must graze past enemy fire, charge head-on into the fray, and unleash devastating attacks. Set in a dynamic and perilous environment, Graze Counter caters to gamers who thrive on the thrill of survival and the exhilaration of high-stakes combat.

Features of Graze Counter

- Bullet Grazing: Skillfully maneuver around enemy bullets to avoid damage and gain tactical advantages.

- Head-on Charge: Engage enemies directly, testing your reflexes and courage in close-quarters combat.

- Havoc Wreaking: Deploy powerful attacks to decimate waves of enemies and clear paths through the chaos.

- Exhilarating Gameplay: Experience the rush of narrowly escaping death and the satisfaction of strategic victories.

- Survival Instincts: Rely on your instincts and quick thinking to survive against overwhelming odds.

- Challenging Enemies: Face off against a variety of foes, each with unique patterns and attack styles that require adaptability and precision.

Release Date of Graze Counter

28 Jul, 2017

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on28 Jul, 2017
DeveloperBikkuri Software
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