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About Greedland

Greedland is an exhilarating blend of roguelike and survivor-like gameplay, drawing inspiration from classics like Crimsonland and Vampire Survivors. In this game, players embark on a relentless journey where they must survive waves of enemies, gradually transforming their character into a formidable mobile arsenal of destruction. The game's dynamic and evolving combat mechanics ensure that each playthrough is unique, offering a challenging and rewarding experience for fans of the genre.

Features of Greedland

- Roguelike Mechanics: Incorporates procedurally generated levels and permadeath, ensuring each session is unpredictable and challenging.

- Survivor-like Elements: Features waves of enemies that escalate in difficulty, requiring strategic upgrades and adaptability to survive.

- Mobile Arsenal Evolution: As players progress, their character gains increasingly powerful weapons and abilities, creating a satisfying sense of growth and empowerment.

- Inspired by Classics: Draws from the gameplay and atmosphere of Crimsonland and Vampire Survivors, appealing to fans of these well-known titles.

Release Date of Greedland

4 Aug, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on4 Aug, 2023
DeveloperVaMP He
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