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About Grim Dawn - Crucible Mode DLC

Grim Dawn - Crucible Mode DLC is an expansion for the action role-playing game Grim Dawn, developed by Crate Entertainment. This DLC introduces a new gameplay mode called the Crucible, which challenges players to survive waves of increasingly difficult enemies in an arena-style combat environment. Set in the dark, gothic world of Grim Dawn, players must utilize their character's skills and equipment to withstand the onslaught and earn rewards.

Features of Grim Dawn - Crucible Mode DLC

- Arena-Style Combat: Engage in intense, wave-based battles against hordes of enemies in a confined arena.

- Reward System: Earn unique rewards and upgrades for each level completed in the Crucible.

- Character Progression: Apply skills and gear acquired in the base game to excel in the Crucible's challenges.

- Leaderboards: Compete with other players globally to achieve the highest scores and rankings.

Release Date of Grim Dawn - Crucible Mode DLC

3 Aug, 2016

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on3 Aug, 2016
DeveloperCrate Entertainment
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