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About Hand Simulator: Survival

Hand Simulator: Survival is a unique and challenging survival game that places players on a wild island where they must fend off dangerous animals and insects, manage their thirst and hunger, and navigate the harsh environment using only their hands. This game is a part of the Hand Simulator series, known for its unconventional control scheme that simulates hand movements, adding an extra layer of difficulty and realism to the survival experience.

Features of Hand Simulator: Survival

- Realistic Hand Simulation: Players must navigate the island using only their hands, simulating real-life hand movements which adds a layer of challenge and immersion.

- Dynamic Survival Mechanics: Includes managing hunger and thirst, finding food and clean water, and crafting tools to aid in survival.

- Dangerous Wildlife: Encounters with various animals and insects that pose a threat to the player, requiring strategic thinking and quick reactions to survive.

- Harsh Island Environment: The island features diverse terrains and weather conditions that affect gameplay and survival strategies.

Release Date of Hand Simulator: Survival

17 Dec, 2019

Reviewed by Arnold A. Howe


Updated on17 Dec, 2019
DeveloperHFM Games