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About Hell Let Loose - Red Steel

Hell Let Loose - Red Steel is an expansion pack for the critically acclaimed multiplayer first-person shooter, Hell Let Loose. Set in the brutal and unforgiving context of World War II, this expansion introduces new maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics that enhance the strategic and immersive experience of the base game. Players can expect to engage in large-scale battles, command units, and experience the gritty realism that Hell Let Loose is known for, all while exploring new facets of the war with the Red Steel expansion.

Features of Hell Let Loose - Red Steel

- New Maps: Explore fresh battlegrounds that offer diverse tactical opportunities and challenges.

- Enhanced Weapons: Utilize new firearms and equipment that reflect the technological advancements of the era.

- Improved Gameplay Mechanics: Experience refined controls and systems that make commanding and fighting more intuitive and rewarding.

- Expanded Roles: Take on new roles within your squad that allow for deeper strategic play and specialization.

- Historical Accuracy: Delve into meticulously researched environments and scenarios that accurately depict the conditions and events of World War II.

Release Date of Hell Let Loose - Red Steel

7 Dec, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on7 Dec, 2021
DeveloperBlack Matter Pty Ltd
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