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About Hero Siege - Companion Bundle

Hero Siege - Companion Bundle is an expansion pack for the popular roguelike action RPG, Hero Siege. This bundle offers additional content that enhances the gameplay experience of the base game, providing new challenges, characters, and items. Hero Siege itself is known for its fast-paced combat, procedurally generated levels, and a wide variety of classes and enemies. The Companion Bundle aims to expand on these elements, offering more depth and variety to the game.

Features of Hero Siege - Companion Bundle

- New Characters: Introduces several new playable characters, each with unique abilities and playstyles.

- Additional Items: Adds a plethora of new weapons, armor, and accessories to discover and equip, enhancing character customization.

- Expanded Lore: Offers new story elements and lore details that enrich the game's narrative and world-building.

- Enhanced Gameplay: Includes new enemies, challenges, and gameplay mechanics that provide a fresh experience for returning players.

Release Date of Hero Siege - Companion Bundle

17 Aug, 2019

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on17 Aug, 2019
DeveloperPanic Art Studios Ltd
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