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HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack For PC

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About HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack

HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack is an expansion for the critically acclaimed stealth action game HITMAN 3, part of the HITMAN World of Assassination trilogy. This pack introduces new challenges and opportunities for players to creatively eliminate their targets using improvised tools and tactics. Set in the expansive and detailed environments of HITMAN 3, players continue to take on the role of Agent 47, a highly skilled assassin, as he navigates through various international locations to complete his missions.

Features of HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack

- Improvised Tools: Utilize everyday items found within the game's environments to craft unique and unexpected methods of assassination.

- New Challenges: Engage with fresh mission objectives and scenarios that test your creativity and stealth skills.

- Enhanced Replayability: The pack offers additional content that encourages multiple playthroughs to discover all the new ways to take down targets.

Release Date of HITMAN 3 - Makeshift Pack

26 Jan, 2023

Reviewed by Jason A. Bilbrey


Updated on26 Jan, 2023
DeveloperIO Interactive A/S
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