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About Hot Brass

Hot Brass is a tactical strategy game that puts players in the boots of an elite SWAT operator. The game challenges players to think quickly and employ strategic tactics to successfully complete a variety of high-stakes missions aimed at saving lives and maintaining peace. Whether playing solo to sharpen skills or coordinating with a team of up to four players in both online and local co-op modes, Hot Brass demands the highest level of performance from its players, making it a game where only the best can truly excel.

Features of Hot Brass

- Tactical Missions: Engage in a series of challenging missions that require quick thinking and strategic planning to resolve situations without casualties.

- Multiplayer Co-op: Collaborate with up to three other players in both online and local co-op modes to tackle missions together, enhancing the tactical depth and social interaction of the game.

- Solo Play: Hone your skills and master the game's challenges by playing solo, allowing for a personalized experience and deeper understanding of the tactical elements.

- High-Stakes Environments: Navigate through various high-pressure environments where every decision can impact the outcome of the mission, adding a layer of realism and intensity to the gameplay.

Release Date of Hot Brass

26 Feb, 2021

Reviewed by Jason K. Menard


Updated on26 Feb, 2021
DeveloperWalk with Kings
LanguagesEnglish,Russian,Simplified Chinese