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About Hotel R'n'R

Hotel R'n'R is an audacious VR rockstar simulator that thrusts players into a wild world where they sell their soul to The Devil, embark on a destructive spree across various hotels, and aim to become notorious. The game challenges players with various obstacles including hotel staff interventions and physical limitations like limp wrists, but equips them with an arsenal of over 36 weapons to creatively wreak havoc. The journey unfolds through a World Tour, promising a series of escalating challenges and opportunities for infamy.

Features of Hotel R'n'R

- VR Rockstar Experience: Dive into a unique virtual reality setting where players can live out their rockstar fantasies by smashing up hotels and causing chaos.

- Extensive Weaponry: Equip yourself with over 36 different weapons, ranging from traditional instruments to unconventional items, allowing for diverse and creative destruction.

- Challenging Gameplay: Face off against hotel staff and manage physical challenges like limp wrists, adding a layer of difficulty and realism to the gameplay.

- World Tour Mode: Embark on a global journey through a series of hotels, each offering new challenges and opportunities to increase your infamy.

Release Date of Hotel R'n'R

28 May, 2020

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on28 May, 2020
DeveloperWolf & Wood Interactive Ltd