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About Hunt: Showdown - La Luz Mala

Hunt: Showdown - La Luz Mala is an expansion for the popular multiplayer first-person shooter, Hunt: Showdown. Set in the dark and gritty world of 19th century Louisiana, players take on the role of bounty hunters tasked with eliminating monstrous creatures and rival hunters. La Luz Mala introduces new challenges, weapons, and lore to the base game, enhancing the overall experience with fresh content and gameplay elements.

Features of Hunt: Showdown - La Luz Mala

- New Boss: La Luz Mala introduces a terrifying new boss, adding a fresh challenge to the game's already intense encounters.

- Enhanced Weapons: Players gain access to new firearms and equipment, providing more options for strategy and customization.

- Expanded Lore: The expansion delves deeper into the game's rich narrative, offering players new stories and mysteries to uncover.

- Updated Maps: New and revised maps provide varied environments for players to navigate and battle in, keeping the gameplay dynamic and engaging.

Release Date of Hunt: Showdown - La Luz Mala

18 Jan, 2023

Reviewed by Joe C. Jones


Updated on18 Jan, 2023
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