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Icarus: Pet Companions Pack For PC

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About Icarus: Pet Companions Pack

Icarus: Pet Companions Pack is an expansion for the survival game Icarus, developed by RocketWerkz. This DLC introduces a delightful new element to the game by allowing players to adopt and train various pet companions. These pets not only provide emotional support but also assist in various tasks, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. To enjoy this content, players must have the base game Icarus installed on Steam.

Features of Icarus: Pet Companions Pack

- Adoptable Pets: Players can choose from a variety of pet companions, each with unique abilities and appearances.

- Training System: A comprehensive training system allows players to enhance their pets' skills and adapt them to different roles in the game.

- Companion Assistance: Pets can assist in hunting, gathering, and defending against threats, making survival tasks more manageable.

- Customization Options: Players have the ability to customize their pets' looks and equipment, adding a personal touch to their in-game companions.

Release Date of Icarus: Pet Companions Pack

25 Apr, 2024

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on25 Apr, 2024
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