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About IconCool Editor

IconCool Editor is a feature-rich icon editor that caters to both serious theme builders and casual desktop enthusiasts. With its colorful and pleasant interface, this editor provides all the necessary tools for creating and editing icons of various sizes and color depths.

Key Features

1. Grid-Based Editing
IconCool Editor displays images as grids of cells, with each cell representing a pixel. This grid-based editing allows for precise manipulation and customization of icons, ensuring accurate placement of pixels and maintaining overall image integrity.

2. Preview and Editing Options
The program offers the ability to preview icons in various standard sizes and color depths. This feature helps users visualize how the icons will appear in different contexts. Additionally, IconCool Editor provides editing options such as rotation, drawing, and cropping, allowing users to modify icons according to their specific requirements.

3. Easy-to-Use Color Palette
The software presents an intuitive color palette at the bottom of the main window. Users can easily select and apply colors to their icons by clicking on the palette with the left and right mouse buttons, which allows for quick access to two preferred colors. This simplifies the color selection process and enhances efficiency while working on icon projects.

4. Animated Icon Creation and Preview
IconCool Editor enables users to create and edit animated icons. Users can easily design animated icons by combining multiple frames and setting the duration for each frame. The program also provides the option to view the animated icons against various background colors, ensuring they look visually appealing in different settings.

5. Buddy Icon Support
As a bonus feature, IconCool Editor allows users to send buddy icons directly to AIM (AOL Instant Messenger). This capability enhances the user's ability to personalize their messaging experience and share custom icons with friends and contacts.

In summary, IconCool Editor is a powerful icon editor that caters to both advanced users and beginners. With its grid-based editing, preview options, versatile editing features, easy-to-use color palette, support for animated icons, and buddy icon support for AIM, the software offers a comprehensive toolset for creating and editing icons. While there may be some limitations, such as the inability to close an image without closing the entire program or the unavailability of multiple open windows, these shortcomings are outweighed by the program's powerful features and elegant design.

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Updated onNovember 16, 2014
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