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About IdleOn - The Idle RPG

IdleOn - The Idle RPG is a unique take on the idle game genre, where the gameplay revolves around passive character progression. Players choose classes for their characters as they level up, and strategically spend loot to enhance their power. Despite its simplistic graphical presentation, the game evolves into a more intricate experience as players delve deeper into its mechanics.

Features of IdleOn - The Idle RPG

- Passive Character Grinding: Characters automatically gain experience and level up, allowing players to focus on strategic decisions rather than active gameplay.

- Class Selection: As characters level up, players can choose from various classes to specialize their characters, adding depth to character development.

- Loot Management: Players must wisely spend the loot collected to boost their characters' abilities, influencing the overall progression and power of their team.

- Increasing Complexity: The game starts simple but gradually introduces more complex systems and challenges, keeping players engaged as they advance.

Release Date of IdleOn - The Idle RPG

2 Apr, 2021

Reviewed by Ryan J. Boudreaux


Updated on2 Apr, 2021
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