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About iGetMusic Pro

iGetMusic Pro is a convenient and efficient software designed to help users build their iPod music collection effortlessly and legally. By recording from popular music services such as AOL Radio and Yahoo! Launchcast, iGetMusic Pro provides access to 6 million songs, ensuring a vast and diverse music library without the need for ripping CDs or downloading MP3s.

Key Feature

1: Automatic Music Collection Growth
iGetMusic Pro grows your music collection automatically by recording songs from popular music services. This feature eliminates the need to spend time manually ripping CDs or downloading MP3s, making it an efficient and hassle-free solution for building your iPod music library.

2: High-Quality, Full-Length Songs
The software records full-length songs without any missing content at the beginning or end, ensuring that the music you collect is of the same quality as if it were copied directly from a CD.

3: Accurate Song Information and Album Covers
iGetMusic Pro automatically names and tags songs with 100% accurate Title, Artist, and Album information, making it easy to organize and manage your music collection. Additionally, the software can automatically save album covers, enhancing the visual appeal of your library.

4: Efficient AAC Plus (m4a) Format
Songs recorded with iGetMusic Pro are stored in the AAC Plus (m4a) format, which offers the same audio quality as MP3 but at half the file size. This efficient format allows users to double the number of songs they can store on their iPod, maximizing storage capacity.

In conclusion, iGetMusic Pro is an innovative and convenient software solution for users looking to build their iPod music collection effortlessly and legally. With its automatic music collection growth, high-quality full-length songs, accurate song information, and efficient AAC Plus format, iGetMusic Pro offers a seamless and enjoyable experience for expanding your music library.

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Updated onJuly 18, 2011
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How to download and Install iGetMusic Pro on Windows PC

  • Click on the Download button to start downloading iGetMusic Pro for Windows.
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